About Us


Our operation is based around crop production agriculture AND animal agriculture.  What does that have to do with our cattle business?  In my opinion A LOT!
Yes we love our cattle and yes we take care of them but they are a complimentary commodity to us in a business sense.  They MUST provide an alternative source of INCOME on somewhat marginal resources in a low input situation with little or no intervention during the spring, summer and fall.  A cow that calves on time and weans a healthy calf for 8+ years on her own will keep a commercial cattleman in business.  Quite frankly that's the bottom line here, producing cattle we believe will keep the commercial cattleman  profitable.  We believe that if the cattle are successful here in our less than ideal environment, they are well suited for yours as well. For us the years on pasture are more important than the months in the feed yard. We raise low maintenance easy keeping cattle that produce healthy calves year after year.   
We raise 250 commercial mother cows along with 40-50 Registered Angus mother cows on the northern plains of North-central Montana where the grass is short and the weather extreme.  We sell private treaty bulls in the spring along with select registered females and also offer 60 head of commercial bred heifers each fall.